The Cost of Your Words

Powder coated steel, electronics, LED displays, air cooling system, data and keywords provided by Google AdWords
3.00 x 1.8 x 0.30 mt. Photo credit: Jennifer Moyes, installation view Royal Society of Sculptors London, First Plinth Award
The work alludes to the way our on-line choices are influenced by personalised algorithms that try to predict what we would like to see, based on informations that have been collected about us. In order to attract more visitors during the show, the sculpture has setup an account with Google Adwords, a service that allows customers to improve their online visibility.
It then visualises the cost per click of the keywords, strategically chosen as part of its own digital campaign to advertise its presence on search engines. The keywords are site specific and relate to each of the two locations location, depending on where the artwork is installed (The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and South Kensington in London). The Cost of Your Words was supported by the Royal Society of Sculptors and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London through the First Plinth Award. Special thanks to WSP Global for their very generous help and support!
Creative Coding: Pierre Tardif