Temporarily Enslaved Gods

Three sculptures, acrylic and conductive paint on paper, electronics, display, computer speakers, code, synthesised voices, AI models, US congress transcripts, personality profiling algorithms
Approx 5.00 x 4.0 x 2.5 mt
When the audience touches the surface of the prints, they hear the voices of three AI bots talking about data policies, digital monopolies, free information, fake news etc. The voices sound like they are talking to the audience, but in reality, they are having a conversation between them.
Each sculpture is connected to a bot. Normally, these AI machines learn to understand human language by being trained with huge examples of human to human conversations (interviews, movie scripts etc). A database with transcripts of the last five years of US Congress hearings and investigations involving Facebook, Amazon and Google was created and used to train the AI models. Every week a piece of code sends the text they have created to an online AI system called Watson, that in turns tries to create a personality profile for each one of the bots, assessing levels of openness, agreeability and emotionality as if they were real humans. This is visualised in the display on the wall.
Temporary Enslaved Gods was supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company. And by the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv.