Latency Docet

Extruded aluminium, acrylic, custom supports, data from dark pools, electronics, custom perfume divided in its constituting four accords, four custom sprayers
180 x 180 x 245 cm
The data driven sculpture is connected to a database of on-line available data derived from dark pools (source Finra, the Financial Industry Regulator Authority). Dark pools, or private financial forums of exchange for trading securities, have been recently made object of large criticism, especially in conjunction with illicit practices of front running and accuses of price manipulation.
A code searches for patterns wihin the data and it fires a blend of four accords of the +– perfume. The perfume, created in collaboration with perfume designer Sergey Dziniruk, was designed to translate personality traits common among traders into fragrances. When diffused in the physical space, in recreates an impermanent olfactory experience mirroring the fluctuation of the markets and the transient condition of human existence.