Fortune Tellers

Silkscreen on neoprene, extruded aluminium, electronics, custom boxes, microcontrollers, speakers, 3 channels, voices sopranos, forecasts of the Shanghai Stock Exchange obtained through proprietary algorithms and astral chart, code.
Approx 2.45 x 4.5 x 2 mt. Installation View at MoCA Shanghai
Fortune Tellers uses forecasts of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, provided by financial data analysts and academics through future predictive algorithms. The same data was also provided by a financial astrologer. Such data, commissioned and produced before the exhibition, tried to divine the behaviour of the local market for each day of the show.
The same data is used to generate a score and direct an unfinished choir of three Chinese soprano singers, activated when the public enters in close contact with the interactive surfaces. The melodies irregular and accidental, evoke fleeting feelings of delicate and poetic impermanence in the audience. The last ten financial years of the Shanghai Stock Exchange ultimately inform the shape and silkscreens of the sculpture itself.