Flashcrash. A Perfume

Data from flashcrash, gas chromatography, Ylang-Ylang, aldehydes, amber A perfume inspired by algo trading market crash
Fragrance created by Sergey Dziniruk, available for man and woman
In May 2010 the US market crashed in a matter of seconds and it recovered in 16 minutes, burning a trillion dollar. And to nowadays the causes remain mostly uncertain. The data of the crash were input into a machine that performed gas chromatography, a test widely used in forensic sciences to find and study evidences of crimes.
The process returned a receipt of molecules (Ylang-Ylang), which were religiously combined by a perfumer, in order to produce a fragrance, housed invisibly inside a glass jar. The dome can be lifted in order to allow the audience to experience it. The rich and intensely feminine fragrance, in stark contrast with a testosterone-rich oriented industry that originated the data, is now also available as limited edition perfume, called indeed Flashcrash.