Fat Fingers

2022 — ongoing
Silkscreen prints on paper, acrylic, metal alloy, mistyped keywords from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) platforms
Each print measuring 50 x 70 cm
Up until recently, key words have long been used to understand developing aspects of society over time. With recent developments in digital marketing and online targeted advertising, keywords are now used to curate what we find online and forecast our future preferences as consumers.
They feed a complex, opaque and unregulated market of data extraction, which has become a fundamental tool to influence our opinions, and what we want to buy or vote for. Alluding to the totalitarian way that secret data extraction won’t leave anything unexploited, this artwork presents a mistyped list of keywords, selected among those presented by Raymond Williams in his 1988 seminal book, and the actual price assigned to them by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) platforms.
Screen-printed as posters and displayed one next to the other, they allude to a borderline illegal technique known as wild posting and often used in guerrilla advertising, where public street spaces are appropriated to display branded ads.