The Book of Revelations, custom code scanning image search websites and social media platforms
Video slides. Duration 28’00” in loop
DPS is an attempt at combining random generated content, gathered through real time data parsing, from a combination of social networking online websites. Randomly selected words taken from the Book of Revelations, are used to download images and sentences taken from social media platforms. Text and images are then combined together, in one of the most common layout styles used for magazines and newspapers: the double page spread. The content so displayed makes space for new meaning, derived from unusual associations of images and text.
DPS is a readymade type of artwork, dealing with provoked apophenia or the tendency of seeing meaningful patterns out of random or meaningless data. The content reorganised through software isn’t an example of computer-curated artwork; however actions such as gathering of text and images, positioning and cropping of the images, font selection and alignment of the text depend from the material gathered are completely automatised and demand decisions made exclusively by the software, which in this context acts as an independent ‘designer’.
From this point of view the artwork aims to raise questions regarding authenticity, originality and power of persuading the individual in the society of mass information.