Somerset paper, silkscreen, data from the last ten years of Lehman Brothers’ financial trading, electric paint, soundsystem, custom code, voice soprano (Madge)
2.40 x 1.40 x 0.05 mt
The artwork is a silkscreen print on Somerset paper and it focuses on the rise and fall of Lehmann Brothers. When touched by the audience, it tells the story of the company, by singing the last ten years of daily financial data through the voice of a soprano. The story follows a very detailed script; every time the flag is touched, a new set of numbers is announced. These numbers are the share price of the Lehmann Brothers.
The artwork, through using a language known only to a few experts in the field of finance, it narrates the ups and down that featured the company’s progress towards the bankruptcy, a contemporary take on a tragedy of our times.
V&A London, Word and Image collection