Astral Charts. The London Stock Exchange.

Custom PCB, electronics, data from financial horoscopes for year 2018, acrylic, rechargeable battery, wall mounted.
16 x 16 x 3.5 cm
Just like there is an astral chart for every human being who lives or has lived on the planet, so there can be one for everything, from simple objects, to Stock Exchanges, as in this case. That is, provided one can tell when and where they were created.
An astral chart is the screenshot of the position of the planets at the time something is born. In Financial Astrology, a discipline often deemed as pure superstition, planets are associated with market events, for the purpose of helping traders to make better business decisions and understand future movements of the markets. The artworks are working computers, appropriating the most influential on-line horoscopes in order to provide brief and often ironic financial advice for each one of the companies listed on any of the stock exchanges.
Private collection