A Sign

Of Images and Alt Texts Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

A Sign
Perforated security screen sheet, aluminium

This sculpture is a take on the effects of growth at all costs, a mantra that has been at the core of economic theories and practices for more than 300 years.

Despite being unsustainable at its core, ‘blitz scaling’ or scaling up fast, is still considered the defining condition of a company's success. The message of the artwork merges the language of business culture and the outside world with that of spirituality and the interior; it exists both as a command for a company to grow as well as an invitation for the individual to evolve. Could the latter be the necessary condition for a change to happen?

The artwork takes shape out of a perforated sheet of aluminium, a material that has become a synonym for vacant properties and the fear of risky investment, but also one that is transitory by nature, and which only exists for a limited time, between different chapters, one that waits patiently before new opportunities arise.
Of Images and Alt Texts Fabio Lattanzi Antinori
Of Images and Alt Texts Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori
Homerton Road
Matchmakers Wharf
ACME Studios - Studio 44
E9 5GP Hackney
London - UK
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